Southern Sugar Bakery

Welcome to our new website!

Christin Kubasko
Angie and Christin, co-owners of Southern Sugar Bakery

Angie and Christin, co-owners of Southern Sugar Bakery

Welcome to the new website, and to one of my favorite parts of the site - the blog!

Owning a bakery was always a dream of mine, but one that stayed very quiet in the back of my mind. I always loved cooking and baking, and I watched the Food Network as a child when most of my friends were watching cartoons. I was intimidated by everything I didn't know about owning a business, and instead decided to focus on a career that I knew without a doubt was well within my reach (and was also something I enjoyed!). After a brief 3-year stint as a high school counselor, I felt compelled to step away from what I thought would be my only career and pursue this seemingly out-of-reach dream I'd had since I was a child. 

When Angie and I first decided to make the move from full-time school counselors to full-time cookie decorators, our main concern was simply having enough orders - we knew we would be responsible for so much more than just cookies, but couldn't comprehend what all of that "so much more" would entail. Of course, we didn't imagine that so many changes would happen within the first year, but it has been amazing and also tiresome to see those changes come to fruition! We went from just the two of us (and my dad as our encourager/business advisor) to adding on an additional two full-time employees and five part-time employees. Along with personnel changes came procedural changes, and we knew we needed a website. We couldn't keep relying on Facebook and Gmail alone to sustain our business, and we wanted a comprehensive site where all of the information was in one place and easily accessible. When we got the email in late February regarding an appearance on The TODAY Show, we knew we needed to get a website up and running - FAST (like, within one week fast!). While the first website was a great start to building the business, there is so much more that Angie and I would like to share with you, which for me includes a space where we can share what is transpiring in the cookie business, as well as new cookie sets and products that we will be offering in the future! This blog is that place for me, and I hope that you all will have fun reading along and finding out a bit more what happens behind the scenes. 

So with that being said, thank you for visiting our new website - we really are so happy, humbled, and thankful that you've stopped by to find out more about what Southern Sugar Bakery has to offer you!